Koha on Windows, Mac, or Linux

Interested in running Koha on Windows, Mac, or Linux using a virtual machine? You can follow my guide here:

Koha Install Guide

Here are slides from a presentation on the Koha image that might also be helpful.

The guide outlines two options to install. The first option is to install using a pre-made image of the Koha server. The second option is to install from scratch. So far, this guide has helped setup at least eight library systems that I know about. If you find the guide useful, have a question, or a comment please send me a tweet (http://www.twitter.com/herteljt) or an email (herteljt [at] gmail [dot] com).

History: What brought about this Koha image? In 2012 I became involved with setting up the circulation system for the small mathematics library housed in the Mathematics Department at Illinois State University. I began searching for open source Integrated Library Systems (ILS) and found that Koha is popular and continually being improved. However, I soon realized that the newest version of Koha was only available for Debian Linux and not available for Windows or Mac. Although I am a linux user, the machine I had available for the library was running Windows. My solution was to create a virtual machine running Koha that could be used on any system. After creating the image and setting everything up, I realized the image itself might be useful to others. Consequently, I decided to put together some instructions and provide the virtual machine for download. I have updated it two times as of October 2015. The beauty of the virtual machine is that it can be easily downloaded, imported, and setup within an hour or two (depending on your internet connection). If you're wanting to try out Koha on a non-linux system or interested in using Koha without all the technical hassle of setup, I think you'll find the image is an easy way to do so.