Math Ed Grad Degrees

Now that I've completed my own journey through graduate degrees in mathematics and mathematics education, I am interested in helping others along the path. Mathematics Education is in great need of more motivated individuals, but (in my opinion) the field has not invested in attracting more qualified candidates. Moreover, the process can be intimidating to those on the outside. I created this page to assist others who might be thinking about pursuing a Master's, Ph. D, or Ed. D in Mathematics Education. Individuals with three or more years of classroom teaching experience are an ideal candidates and there are affordable options if you are willing to commit full-time.

I will post information below as I find it. If you have questions, please feel free to send them my way.

Here is one fantastic resource compiled by Eric Hsu. It is a spreadsheet containing information about Doctoral Programs in Mathematics Education within North America.

North American Doctoral Programs in Mathematics Education

Here are slides from a presentation that I participated in on Information on Graduate Degrees in Mathematics Education